Wednesday, April 6, 2011

On Wednesdays We Wear Pink! China Glaze - Pink Voltage - Neon

Hey everyone!! This is my second Pink Wednesday post and I almost missed the boat on this one!! I have just been so busy today, I almost didn't get this put on here. For those of you that don't know about Pink Wednesdays or would like to know more about it and how to join - just click HERE . So for this manicure I decided to use another one of my untried polishes -China Glaze Pink Voltage - this is my first neon and I LOVE IT!! I love how it's so vibrant and fresh - def. makes me want summer to get it's hot butt here! :) It also reminds me of all the clothes I wore growing up in the 80s - think Punky Brewster/Cyndi Lauper lol.
I used Essie Feed Me and Seche Clear as my basecoats for this mani and I also put one coat of Sinful Colors Snow Me White underneath my China Glaze - I have read on MUA(makeup alley) and on other blogs that the white underneath really helps the neon stand out - since they are usually shear/thin. On top of the Snow Me White I ended up using 3 coats of Pink Voltage and then one coat of SV. I am in love with this mani and I just can't stop looking at my nails :) I am def. going to have to get more neons in my collection - I can't wait to use this on my toes either! So let me know what you think and what neons, if any, do you have in your collection - I am always looking for recommendations.

Now on to the pictures - I was actually pretty please with the color accuracy in my photos as well.

This is the closest to the color IRL

Have a good night ladies and remember if you don't wear pink - then you can't sit with us!!! :)


  1. LOVE this colour! I need it now. I have the China Glaze Poolside Collection, they're all neons and they are ah-may-zinggg!

  2. I was at Sally's today and they have a buy two, get one free sale on all polishes. I almost picked this up! I totally should have! Looks great on you!

  3. Seriously, gorgeous! I love it! :)

  4. I got Flying Dragon (neon) recenlty. That's next on my list!

  5. Gorgeous colour, this is one the brighter neon pinks I have seen. xx

  6. @Elizabeth - OOOohhhh thank you!! I will def. have to check those out :)

    @AbsolutelyAddicting - Thanks :) You really should get it! LOL Thanks for reminding me about the Sally sale :)

  7. @Natalie - Thanks girl!!

    @KittyPolishNBags - Ooh I like the sound of that polish - I am going to google it right now :)

    @Nicole - Top To Toe - Thank you - I agree - it's really bright!!

    @Charlotte - Thanks girl :)

  8. OMG I love how neon this is! perfect for summer pedicures I think!

  9. sucha gorgeous color .. and hell yeah for snow me white, I use that polish all the time! it's great for stamping too =)

  10. Soooo bright, would love to wear this somewhere there's a black light

  11. I love this color so much! I have it and have used more than half the bottle, I have about a quarter of it left! Great picture too, you really captured the color well! =)

  12. @MoonDancerJen- I totally agree with you! :)

    @PrettyFulz - Thanks! I love snow me white!! I love that I only have to use one coat! :)

    @GothamPolish - Thanks - I was thinking the same thing!! I might have to go tan or something and see what it looks like under those lights too lol

    @PaintThatNail - Thanks! I can see why you have used so much of it! I don't wanna take it off! I love it - I was actually suprised at the color accuracy too - lol I usually don't do so hot :)

  13. The more I see this color the prettier it looks <3

  14. @Adriana - It's def. a gorgeous polish - the pics just don't do it justice - you def. have to see it in person :)


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