My Polish Collection - Updated 12-3-12


Here is another update of my entire collection - I finally got another shelf yesterday - again made by my Dad of course :) This one is a lot bigger than the other two he's made for me. I really love it! I only have a couple of rows on the smaller shelves that I had to double up on. And what do ya know - I already need another one! I think my grand total is around the 450 mark now....yikes!
The other items that I have accumulated for my collection all have a "dessert" theme. This wasn't something I had originally planned, it just kind of happened that way. The white cake/dessert stand that is sitting on my filing cabinet I got from my Grandma - it was originally like a sea foam green color, but I re-vamped it a little with some white spray paint. The other small cake plate I got from Pier 1 Imports for $9.95. Then I also have a cupcake stand that my mom gave me a couple of years ago - I believe she got it from Avon.

I really love my new set-up and love that I can see all of my polish. If you have any questions about a name or brand of any of the polishes you see in my collection - just ask! Also if you would like to see a certain polish featured in my next post - let me know! :)

Full View

Original Shelf
Second Shelf
Newest Shelf
My Re-Vamped Cake/Dessert Stand
Cupcake stand and Nail Wheels
Small Cake Plate and iPhone case storage


So I just got another shelf yesterday - from my Dad of course :) The new one is on the right - but I finally got it put up - with help from Ryan♥ and got everything organized and TA-DA! Here it is! I just love it!! I counted all my polish again and also threw away some old ones that I didn't want/use anymore - so I have 147 polishes right now.... but by the looks of my wish list - I have a feeling that will change very quickly :) As I said before - I am still working on a photo catalog of my collection - so once I get that completed - that will be on this page as well. Until then.... Enjoy♥ Let me know if you have any questions about any of the polishes!

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Sorry this Page is Under Construction! I am still working on a picture catalog of my entire collection. I just decided to take a picture of the entire thing as a whole and post it since this page was empty. I have approx. 130-150 polishes - they are displayed on my bathroom wall on a shelf that my dad made me :)  If you have any questions about a certain polish or anything - just ask! Enjoy♥


  1. OMG that is great and it was a DIY shelf. I love that you have the nail wheel hanging on the side. I want something like this but my walls are kinda thin and it makes me nervous to put all my nail polishes up. If t hey fall and break I would really cry lol.. I have them on a book shelf where I know they wont fall.

  2. Om my gofd it lookd so awesome,,
    in america you have lots of awesome nail polishes in holland you can't find that much ,,, :(
    but love your collection :)

  3. @Shadow - Thanks!! My Dad is going to have to make me another one soon... I am growing out of it quickly!! As a matter of fact - it did fall around 3 or 4 years ago... but it was at my old apt and I didn't have it secured up on the wall very well :( that baby is up there with screws now!! LOL

  4. @Joelle - Thank you so much!! That's just sad that you don't have very many nail polishes where you live :(

  5. @ABOP - thanks! I'm already in need of another one! :)

  6. Good job daddy! The 3rd shelf is definitely my favorite!

  7. How on Earth do you afford all these polishes?

    1. Well it's not like a bought them all at once :) haha I've been collecting nail polish since I was in Junior High - which is like 17 years! So they've accumulated over the years :)


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