Friday, November 30, 2012


Hey Everyone! I am so glad to see I still have followers on here haha. I have been gone for sooo long, I feel like the worst blogger ever! I apologize for that. I've had a lot going on in my life for the past year and wanted to create this post to kind of catch everyone up about the recent events that have taken place in my life :) This post isn't going to be about nails or polish - so feel free to skip if you aren't interested. Here we go!

A year ago in October Ryan and I finally bought our first house together :) I love it! Its about 5 min. from my parents house and about 7 min. from my sister's house. It sits on a 6 acre lake and we have minimal neighbors - which we both love. I was so happy to get out of our 1 bedroom apartment and into something with a lot more space. To give you a comparison on how small our apartment was - our 2 bay garage that we now have is larger than our apartment LOL isn't that crazy? I mean thinking of all the crap we had jammed into that apt... I wonder where we put it all haha. But anyway that was the first distraction I had from blogging - I swear it was like 3 months being in the new house before we even got Internet - we were slackin!

The next big event in my life started last year around Thanksgiving. I decided to make a life change and get healthy. I was getting so sick and tired of looking into my closet and always searching for a shirt that I could wear that I wouldn't have to suck in or feel self-conscious in. I hated going shopping b/c I had such low self-esteem so I didn't have much to choose from. So I made the change, started counting calories, stopped eating fast food, drank more water, and started scouring the Internet for good tasting, healthy recipes. I found some really great websites that helped me in my challenge - I used Calorie Count for my food journal and Skinny Taste for a ton of recipes. I also found a great website for inspiration - Undressed Skeleton - if you are looking to get healthy or just need some inspiration - definitely check out those sites. But anyway since last year I've lost about 30lbs! :) I really lost the weight in about 4 months, but I've kept all of it off for about a year now. Which I have to say that was one of my biggest fears, losing a lot of weight and then not being able to keep it off. But I think one thing that helped me in that way was that I didn't just do some "fad" diet - I really paid attention to what I was putting into my body.

Before: I'm on the right, next to both of my very pregnant sisters :)
Before: My sisters and I posing with my brother at his HS graduation
Before: With my softball girls - Berta and Maria  :)

After: My friend Tomi & I just after we finished The Color Run :)
After: My Sisters and I at our Gma's Bday party :)
After: My niece Hadley & I at my house during a cookout :)
Now onto the last and best reason for my absence in the blogging world - Ryan and I finally tied the knot :) The reason I say "finally" is b/c we were originally going to get married 10-22 of 2011! LOL but that didn't happen. We ended up deciding to buy a house instead so all of our time and money went to that venture. So we just postponed everything until this past September. We got married at a church in my hometown on 9-22-12 - it was a lot of fun! One thing I learned in that process is that wedding planning isn't my forte haha - I wasn't the type of girl growing up that day-dreamed about my wedding or anything like that. So the whole process was a struggle for me. But Ryan and I def. had the wedding and reception that we both wanted and I wouldn't have changed a thing about it :)

Forgot to mention my nail color - Hard Candy - Fabuluxe - it matched my all pink glitter shoes!

My parents and I with my niece and nephew

My sister Emily and I
Ryan and I

Well for those of you that made it this far in the post - I thank you :) I know it was a long one! Now that things are finally getting back to normal in my life... I can get back to blogging :)


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