Saturday, April 23, 2011

March/April Purchases!

Hey Everyone!! So this post is going to be long and with lots of pics :) Basically it's just pics of all the polish I hauled in March and April... I have been buying a lot of polish lately - so I figured I might as well share them with you - these aren't the most color accurate photos so if there is a certain polish you want to see me swatch... just let me know!!

Some of these I have used already - some I haven't! Here they are!!
Urban Decay - Apocalyptic Collection
L-R - White Widow, Gunmetal, Apocalypse, Grunge, Meltdown, Big Bang, F-Bomb
I got this collection from - which I am obsessed with btw :) - It was on sale for $10 - so there was no way I was going to pass that up. I have heard of Urban Decay before - but never bought any of their products.

Peregrine Pinks Nail Polish Trio
L-R - Natural Territory, Berry Tart, Pink Macaroon
 I got this little set at Payless - I think it was on sale for like $4.99 - Regular price was $9.99

Orly Plastix Collection
 L-R - Retro Red, Old School Orange, Purple Pleather, Viridian Vinyl
I got RR, OO & VV from CVS - they were out of the Purple Pleather - so I ordered that from - along with some other things. I had the hardest time getting this polish, they sent it to the wrong address and it ended up taking 2x as long to get it. I was very mad at TD for awhile - but I am sure they will get a second chance :)

Zoya Summertime Collection
L-R - Sooki, Tamsen, Areej, Kieko, Mira, Breezi
I got this collection when Zoya had their great BOGO sale - love these! :)

Summer Ready Nail Polish Collection

 L-R - Mango Madness, Lilac, Fuchsia, Purple Pleaser, Blue Mist
I bought this little set/collection from Target - it was $4.99

Milani Neons

 L-R - Totally 80's & Awesome Orange
I got both of these polishes at CVS - $4.99 each

Sally Hansen
L-R - Midnight in NY & Thinking of Blue
 I got Midnight in NY from CVS for like and Thinking of Blue from WalMart for like $7 each

L-R - Fancy Fuchsia, Ancient Jade, & La Playa
I got FF and AJ from Sallys - they are both from the Precious Collection - I got La Playa from CVS

Essie Watermelon - I got this polish from Beauty Brands for $8

Unforgettable Moments
L-R - Blueberry Punch, Boyfriend Blue, & Liquid Candy 
I got these 3 on sale at Payless along with the Zoe & Zac polishes - these are normally $2.99 - but they were on sale for $1.00 I think :)

Sinful Colors - not color accurate
L-R - Dream On, Innocent, Happy Ending, Savage, & Mint Apple
I got all of these but Dream On at Walgreens - which we don't have in my hometown - we have like 10 CVS stores and no Walgreens.. lol anyway - I bought Dream On at Target - which I am so excited they are carrying now :)

L-R - Siren & Electric
Siren is from the Vintage Collection - which I love the different look on the bottle. I got both of these from CVS


 This polish is called Maui - I got it from... surprise, surprise... CVS lol - I believe this was $7 or $8

Pop Beauty

 L-R - Berry, Tomato, Strawberry
I got these polishes from - I got all 3 for $11.97 - which is a great deal since they are $10 each on Pop Beauty website.

10 Professional
This is another polish that I got at CVS, it's called Twilight Nights - I think these are like $2 or $3

 L-R - Cajun Shrimp, Don't Mess With OPI, Ski Teal We Drop, Russian Navy, & Lincoln Park After Dark
I bought all of these polishes from Beauty Brands - $8.50 each

 L-R - Mambo Melon, Urban Grey, Coral Bikini, Strawberry, Sunshine, Lagoon & Viva Pink
I bought all of these polishes from my mom who is an Avon Rep - I got all of these for $15.

Sally Hansen Salon Effects
These are called Kitty Kitty - I got them at CVS - they were BOGO 50% off - I picked up 2 - I also bought Wild Child - which is the Zebra one. I think I will be putting that into a giveaway.

China Glaze
L-R - Lemon Fizz, Pink Voltage(Neon), Rose Among Thorns(Neon) & Coconut Kiss
I got all of these at Sallys - I got Rose Among Thorns and Coconut Kiss during the Buy 2 Get One Free special - I actually think that is till going on.


L-R - Black Shatter, The One That Got Away & Black Shatter
I bought these from a salon at our local mall - called Maxx and Mia. Honestly I wasn't really that psyched about the whole shatter craze, but decided I would give it a fair try myself and not just go off pics. I tried it the other day and I have to say, it's pretty cool! I think I like watching it shatter more than anything lol
I bought two of these b/c I will probably be putting this in the giveaway as well.

So that is it! Let me know what you think and if there are any you want to see swatched :)

Have a good day!


  1. Oh my god! That is quite the Haul!!!
    Love them all!
    I would love to see the Milani Neons swatched!

  2. @Fey - Thanks!!! I will def. swatch those neons for you... I have been dying to try them!! :)

  3. wahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!! what a niiiiiiiice haul! :)

  4. wow great hauls! I would like to the 3 unforgetable moments polishes! I think i want Liquid candy!

  5. @Jade - Thanks girl :)

    @Katrina - lol thanks :)

    @Shadow - Thanks :) Liquid Candy was the f first one I picked up!! So cute and I love the name too lol

  6. really love your post!!!
    xoxo honey

  7. @KittyPolishNBags - Yeah lol I think I need to slow down - or I will never get through my untrieds :)

    @Silvia - Thanks Girl!! :)

  8. Awesome!!! What an amazing haul! :)


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