Sunday, January 16, 2011

Baby Shower Manicure

Hey Everyone!! :) Hope you all had a good weekend! I really enjoyed mine - my brother won his basketball game on Friday night, my little sister Emily had a beautiful baby shower on Saturday, and I went to another great baby shower today! Lots of babies in my life right now lol! So I used my sister and her baby shower as inspiration for my manicure!! I used Nail Life gripper as my basecoat, then I used one of my old as dirt polishes for the main color - I used 2 coats of Love My Nails in Flirty Pink - this color is pretty much a Barbie pink and I love it! I used L.A. Colors Art Deco Nail Art polish in white for the decoration on my ring finger. Then finished everything with 2 coats of Seche Vite.
Now...On to the pictures!!

Please look past my dry skin and cuticles... winter in Indiana is so dry and mean :(

Sun Pic!! Woo! Hoo!


Baby Foot Print:)

I just applied the Art Deco polish with a toothpick.. lol

I am just now getting into nail art.. so I was pretty pleased with how it turned out!

Hope you all enjoy this manicure as much as I enjoyed wearing it!! Let me know what you think :)

Here are just a couple pics from the shower - just for good measure :)
my sister Kasey, my sister Emily, and myself

Emily and my mom Karen :)


  1. Oh, sweet! I picked up Flirty Pink at Wal-Mart recently for $0.75. I figured for less than a buck, I could risk it. I really like it on you!

  2. Score!! LOL that's awesome :) Thanks I really like this color too

  3. @Fer - Thanks!! I was pretty pleased with it as well :) First little foot print I have ever done lol

  4. so cute! i did a boy one too :)

    tagged ya!

  5. @Polish Lava - aww that's awesome - do you have pics?
    And thanks for the tag - my first one ever! :) lol

  6. So cute! I love the little baby foot! I'm hosting a baby shower next month and am totally gonna try this!!

  7. p.s.

    I tagged you as well!

  8. @Brittany - Thanks! I thought it was pretty cute too lol I can't wait to see te pics! Make sure and let me know how it goes :)
    Thanks for the tag too! I feel so loved haha :)

  9. Very nice color...foot print is adorable too!!

    You have an award on my blog! :0)

  10. @Nail Art - Thanks!! I really appreciated it :)


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