Monday, December 6, 2010

James Derrick Butcher ♥♥♥

Greatest reason for no Sunday polish change! :) My younger sister Kasey gave birth to the most handsome little boy I have ever laid my eyes on. He was born December 5th @ 4:42pm. He was approximately 1 week early, he must have really not wanted me to go to my first Indianapolis Colts game or change my polish this week :) but he is so worth it!! Maybe I can get some polish on later this week... but for now... my nails will just continue to be naked :)


  1. That game was a heartbreaker anyway. Better to spend it with a handsome little guy like this. :) I love his little bitty mohawk! :D

  2. Oh I agree!! The mohawk just adds a little edge to the cuteness huh? LOL


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