Sunday, December 19, 2010

Essie A-List - Santa Manicure

Good Evening! I hope everyone had a good weekend - I can't believe that Christmas is next week - I am so excited! I absolutely love this time of year - the food, getting together with my family, buying gifts for everyone - it just makes me so happy :) I am really tired right now, my sister Emily and I went shopping all day today - and man I am just beat. But I wanted to share this weeks manicure with you since I am sure this coming week will be hectic.
For this manicure, I decided to use Essie - A-List - #434 - I have had it for quite sometime - but this just so happens to be the very first Essie polish I ever bought, lol! Anyway - I got the idea for my thumbnail from another blogger - Layniefingers - When I was browsing through her blog last week and found this - I had to try it. I just thought it was too cute to pass up - so a big thanks to Laynie for the idea :) I am sort of new to creating art on my nails, usually I just paint them a color and go on, but I decided to try and get more creative. So this one nail probably took me way to long to do, but I really tried hard and did the best that I could. Anyway, enough talk, I will hurry up and post these pics so I can get to bed.
As I said before, I used Essie - A-List for the base of all my nails, I used L.A. Colors in Black and White for the details on the coat and the belt and then I used Revlon - Silver Screen - #918 for the belt buckle and covered it all with Seche Vite. I know it's not perfect, but I did my best, and I think for not doing this type of thing all the time, I did pretty good :)

Thanks for reading - please let me know what you think!


  1. Awww, that's ADORABLE! You did a fantastic job! You did really well with the belt buckle too, which I found the hardest part! I don't know why, but that took me AGES!

  2. Thanks!! I ended up using a paper clip to do the buckle... lol The whole nail took me forever it seemed.. so I know where you are coming from :)

  3. OMG such a great idea and it came out great! absolutely love it!

  4. @Shadow - Thanks Girl :) I really love it too!

  5. I love this color! Perfect for Christmas and the buckle is beyond cute. I love this!

  6. Thanks All! :) I really appreciate all these nice comments - that just makes my day - and it's nice to feel like I am talking to someone else on here just not myself! LOL

  7. love it! so cute :) i also love the way your nails are shaped and the precision in which you paint them :)


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