Tuesday, November 23, 2010

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For years I have been a fan of nail polish, it all started in high school, my mom was/is an Avon representative, she would get my sisters and me various polishes for Christmas, Easter, Birthdays, etc. I basically wore any color, pink, purple, glitter, black, anything. I wasn’t scared to try a new color and I didn’t really pay attention to what was “in” – and this was back in the day before Internet, but I feel like I knew what was cool – lol – I mean I was wearing black nail polish before Lindsay Lohan had her first drink. It wasn’t until about 5 years ago that I got really serious about my nail polish and nail care altogether. At that point in time I had approximately 40-50 polishes – mostly Avon brand with a few from Sally Hansen, Wet n Wild, Love♥ My Nails… your basic Wal-Mart/Drug Store brands. As I went through high school and into college I got more and more interested in it and started buying any color/brand out there. It then quickly became a habit. I now search the Internet for the hottest collections and do my research on which brands have what. I also try to see what the newest trends are and mix in my own creations.
Basically what I look to get out of this blog is to share my love of fingernail polish. I would like to have other bloggers contribute their thoughts and opinions of the nail polishes I have/use and make this a place where other polish lovers can get useful information from. Eventually I would like to have a picture inventory on here of my whole collection and kind of have a love it/hate it section. Just to see where each polish stands J

Thanks for visiting and I hope you come back soon!

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