Sunday, November 28, 2010

Sunday Polish Change!! What I'm Wearing :)

So every Sunday I change my polish - this is what I have decided on for this week. It's called Emerald City from Revlon Matte Suede Collection. It's the only polish I have from this collection - so far! haha I really like it and I have gotten more fond of the whole matte/suede look. I feel like it's a little shiny for a matte polish and I might throw on a couple coats of Essie - Matte About You - Matte Finisher - but either way I think it's very appropriate for the winter/holiday season. Let me know what you think!


  1. I also usually plan to do polish changes on Saturday :)

    Just recently got this colour along with powder puff and Red Ribbon. Haven't worn them yet but I plan on wearing them soon :)

  2. @Danielle - that's awesome - there are just too many colors to wear them longer than a week lol
    I really want to try the Ruby Ribbon - so let me know when you do :)


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