Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter Manicure!

Hey Everyone! So I am little late with my Happy Easter blogpost - but I'm gonna say it anyway... HAPPY EASTER! LOL I hope everyone had a great holiday :) I just spent time with my family and had way too much food and WAY too much candy! At the end of this post I will show you a special little treat that I made for our Easter celebration :) If you follow me on Instagram, you already know what it is, but if not.. then you will get to enjoy it as well!

For last year's Easter Manicure I did a bunny peep on my accent finger - which can be seen here. So I wanted to make sure and do something different this year. With as many nail blogs as I follow and nail boards I follow on Pinterest I wanted to make sure and come up with something unique. Or at a manicure that I've not seen a lot of. So I decided to make my nails look like those speckled malt ball eggs that are everywhere in the grocery store around this time of year.

So for my manicure I used OPI Nail Envy and China Glaze Strong Adhesion as my base coats, I then applied two coats of China Glaze Something Sweet on my thumb and pinky, two coats of China Glaze Lemon Fizz on my index and ring finger and then two coats of Essie Bikini So Teeny on my middle finger. Once everything was dry I then mixed a couple of drops of Revlon Hot for Chocolate and some fingernail polish remover together. I used the remover to thin out the polish some so it would be easier to splatter the polish on my nails. I just used an old toothbrush to create the splatter design.

Now... on to the pics!! Enjoy! :)

My Inspiration - Image Source

Sorry for the annoying watermarks all over my pics too... I recently found some websites using my pics with out my permission... so I am currently in the process of "re-watermarking" all my pics for that reason...super frustrating!!!!

Totally forgot my Easter treat pic!! LOL 

Here is is... I had to grab it off of my Instagram feed, but you get the idea :) I actually got this idea off of Lauren Conrad's website - here


  1. Cute! That's frustrating someone was using your images without your permission! :( I wish I had the patience to paint my nails like that (or talent) My left hand doesn't cooperate when I try to paint my right hand!

    1. Thanks! Yes! it's very frustrating - I've contacted each of the sites, but have a feeling I won't get a response back :( My right hand never looks as good as the left :)

  2. Those treats look delicious and your nails look adorable!!

    1. Thank you :) They were really good!! I normally don't like peeps but they were awesome with the rice krispy treats!

  3. A little late with my comment but that splatter is adorable! It came out really well!


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