Monday, May 9, 2011

Neons - Milani Totally 80's and Milani Awesome Orange

Hey Everyone!! I feel like it's been so long since I last posted. Hope everyone had a good weekend and Mother's Day :) For this post I am going to show you two different polishes, they were both a swatch request from Fey @ The Nail Experiment.  These 2 colors are pretty much colors you would see on a traffic cone and a safety vest LOL they are so bright!! First is called Totally 80's - since I was just swatching these and didn't do a full manicure I only used 1 coat of Sinful Colors Snow Me White as the basecoat. I then used 3 coats of Totally 80's and 1 coat of SV. I really like this color and it's very bright! All these pics were taken on a cloudy rainy day, but they are pretty color accurate.

The next color is called Awesome Orange - again I used 1 coat of Sinful Colors Snow Me White and 3 coats of Awesome Orange. These first couple of pics aren't quite as accurate as the rest, Awesome Orange glows a little more than these pics show, but the rest of the pics are a fair representation of the color IRL. 

Have you tried any of the Milani Neons? If so, what are your favorites?


  1. Oooo, pretty...and bright! :) I love them! I still have never tried Milani nail polishes, but I'm always hearing good things about them. One of these days I guess I'm going to need to try some! :) Very pretty!

  2. Totally 80's looks so much nicer on you than it did on me. On me, it reminded me of those yellkow highlighters that have been used a while. The color isn't as bright so it's a dull yellow with a bit of greenish tint kind of thing. None of that on you! :)

  3. @Natalie - Thanks :) You will def. have to get some and try them out... they are worth it :)

    @KittyPolishNBags - LOL Thanks Lady :) They def. remind me of highlighters though.. .good call!

  4. I LOVE milani nail polishes. Don't have any of the neons but I should!

  5. @NicNackNails - LOL you def. should... I think I will try the purple and green/blue one next :)

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  7. That yellow looks awesome enough to stop traffic. ;)

    The Cat Hag

  8. Thanks so much!!!! I have to get my hands on totally 80's!!! I have just recently swatched color club Wham! Pow! And it seems pretty close to Awesome orange!

  9. I've loved every milani nail polish I've used. They are great.

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